Issue 21: A Note From The Miscreant

Pearl And The Beard
Photo by Shervin Lainez (

Emily and Jocelyn from Pearl and the Beard love lipstick. When the band came to Syracuse for their show at Funk N Waffles, I just happened to have a reservoir of lip colors in my purse, and the ladies tried on all of them. Their lips were looking luscious when they set up in the middle of the room to play their powerful, acoustic set.

Seeing the band grow in the past year has been insane, and I think Kyle would especially attest to this. Less than a year ago, he and I saw them headline a show at Music Hall of Williamsburg and, though their performance was equally as jaw dropping as when we saw them a few weeks ago, you could tell their chemistry has only continued to evolve. One might be inclined to describe their performance like “a well-oiled machine,” but there is nothing mechanic about their music. It is completely fluid, and it hits you like a wonderfully moving tidal wave.

Having worked at the band’s label all last summer, Kyle really got to know the band personally. So, when he told me that they were coming to Syracuse, I insisted he interview them for the Miscreant (if they were up to it, of course). When you read the transcript of their conversation, you realize how personable this band is, how much fun they have doing what they do. And I’m honored to have any band like that borrow my lipstick.