Meet The Babes

Well, I’m excited to finally be able to show off the artwork and tracklist for Dumb Talk’s forthcoming record on Miscreant Records! This bad boy has been in the making for a minute, and it has been really exciting to experience the finished product that these boys worked so hard on. It’s given me a chance to make some awesome friends and listen to some awesome music. I’m so psyched to put out this record, and see what magic we can make.

Expect the color vinyl to be out in August, with more details coming all the time — stay tuned! This bad boy will be available for pre-order soon.

1. Nineteen
2. Meet the Babes
3. Sliced White
4. Princess
5. Nail Polish
6. Drag Race Queen
7. Stay
8. Virginia
9. Cry Baby
10. Bully
11. Calling For Roses