A Note From The Miscreant: Issue 26

My Miscreants,

So much is afoot in the Miscreant world as of late! First off, I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Ear Candy for gracing the cover. It’s amazing how long ago it seems I was just tweeting back and forth with these guys, talking Swear And Shake and favorite scenes from The Parent Trap. I had the rare and extremely rewarding opportunity of being a guest on their show a few weeks ago. The episode will be up soon, I am told, so you can enjoy some pretty hilarious miscreant banner. The Miscreant will also be hosting a monthly portion of their show where we’ll pick artists for the boys to play. A lot of good stuff is in the mix!

I always say this, but I really mean it: each issue of the Miscreant just keeps getting better and better. Thank you guys so much for submitting your work and reading each issue. It means absolutely everything to me, and I’m overjoyed each week we put one of these bad boys out. The amount of awesome music I’ve been learning about through you all has filled my heart and my hard drive — I wouldn’t have it any other way. Speaking of, I’d like to highlight this issue’s Single Of The Week! Joshua Michael Robinson and I have been friends for several years, and it is wonderful to see him putting out this album. Please be sure to check it out; Intentions will blow you away!

In other Miscreant news, you’ll see we have received the test pressing of Dumb Talk’s self-titled LP. It’s on coke bottle clear, and we’ll also have some baby blue copies for you to feast your ears and eyes on. The release date is at the end of August, and the boys are playing their album release show with the Babies at the start of September. So, stay tuned for more details on these exciting developments!

So, it’s time to submit your work for issue 27! Send your summer make out playlist, your love letter to Mac McCaughan, your interview with your favorite local band, whatever you have to say about the tunes you groove to. Email your work, as well as any questions you might have about the Miscreant, to themiscreant@miscreantrecords.com.

And don’t forget to check out the bands, films, and podcasts featured in this issue! And tell your mom and your friends to check it out. Click here to download and enjoy issue 26!

My undying love and affection,

The Miscreant