Issue 25: A Note From The Miscreant

To My Miscreant Babes:

The past few weeks have been full of excitement! The Dumb Talk single, “Stay,” has been released, my lovely friend Ian interviewed me for PORTALS, and I had the amazing opportunity to be a guest on Ear Candy (stay tuned for updates on when the episode will be posted!).

Would like to thank the lovely Madeline Ava for being on the cover of this issue, and Dean for conducting the interview. They actually did it by snail mail. I really like this personal touch. I was elated when Dean agreed to talk to Madeline for this issue, having just finished up a tour together. It provides a really interesting perspective, and I know you’ll all enjoy it.

Also, again, there are so many new faces in this issue! I’d like to thank everyone for submitting, and I hope you send more work in soon. We have a couple more issues coming up before I’m off to London, and we’ll be continuing to put out issues while I’m abroad. Speaking of, I’m so excited to finally be across the pond (see what I did there?) with the Queen Karen Edith, starting in September. We’ll be doing some really fun things while I’m in London, so hold on to your knickers!

And now, it’s time to submit your writing. Send your reviews of your favorite new releases, your reasoning behind your favorite Sebadoh song, your list of the most life-changing concerts you’ve ever been to, whatever you have to say about the music that moves you. Email your work, as well as any questions you might have about getting involved, to

And don’t forget to check out the artists featured in this issue! Look to the Miscreant Facebook for more info on the music you read about in this issue.

All my love,

The Miscreant