Now Now + Issue 29

I have a lot to thank Now Now for. I feel as though this band shaped so much of my life, and just experiencing that made me realize how powerful music can be. It’s the reason I decided to pursue a career in the music industry. If something can be so powerful, this intangible thing, it’s something I want to be engulfed in. I wrote about this band for my high school’s newspaper, I interviewed them for my college’s radio station, and now I’m extremely honored to say I got to feature them on the cover of the Miscreant. Lizzy said something the other say, it hit me hard. She commented how this was five years in the making. It made me realize how all of these little instances though the Miscreant have been connected. What a wild ride! Check out issue 29 here.

And what excellent things lie ahead! Lizzy and I have been hard at work with my dear friend, Jordan Alper, to gear up for the Stereocure issue. We’ve also got features lined up for a bunch of other great artists! I’m so excited to get to feature all of this excellent music. Stay tuned, and please keep on submitting!

Also, Dumb Talk just released a new song! Listen and enjoy here.

Have a happy and safe Halloween, miscreants! Eat all the candy, and get into all sorts of mischief.

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