Enjoy issue 30 of the Miscreant on ISSUU here:

I decided to do something new and different for this issue. Since the summer, Jordan and I have been discussing how best to feature an artist on Stereocure. It was too difficult to choose one of the many talented folks on the label, so featuring the label as a whole seemed very appropriate. And it turned out beautifully! As the label continues to grow and take on new projects, I hope to keep spotlighting the great work their doing.

It’s funny, thinking back to when Jordan and I met about five years ago. We both had our sights set on being editors, designers, writers in the world of print journalism. We started a blog together. We talked about articles from Spin. Hell, we met at a scholastic journalism camp. But over the years we lost touch, and, unknowingly, respectively moved our interest to the music industry. We have found that though we were out of contact, we were on the same path all along. Life’s pretty cool like that, I think.

At any rate, I just want to say that I really believe in what all these kids are doing. When they take over the music industry, don’t be surprised.

Hope all is well with all you miscreants. We will have two more issues in 2012, so keep submitting your writing about a band, album, song, or whatever you want. Don’t hesitate to email me with questions about submitting!

All my love,