Portals Summer Mixtape II

Today Miscreant Records is excited to unveil Portals’ annual collection of finely crafted summer gems, the Portals’ Summer II mixtape. We teamed up with the righteous and rowdy Chill Mega Chill Records to put together 28 tracks of pure summer bliss. Overflowing with the hottest popsicle-melting tracks, the Summer II mixtape will stick to your face like chilled strawberry syrup goo.

The Summer II mixtape is packaged in a beautifully sunny tape shell with enriching original artwork by Elizabeth Scafuto. You can grab yourself a copy of the tape for the ripe price of $5 over at the Chill Mega Chill Records or Miscreant Records online stores. We hope this special tape not only makes its way into your ears, but also your hands, cassette players, and hearts.

Finally, we would like to extend an enormous thank you to all of the incredible track submissions. None of this could be possible without the generous contributions of our beloved musicians, artists, and friends. Thank you for everything and enjoy.

Order the tape here!