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Where The Heart Is

One day I want to tell these two strangers how much they changed my life, shaped me, and molded me without ever having known me or talked to me. I’ve never considered myself someone who took to idol worshiping, or anything like that. I think it’s just important to thank the people who’ve helped you, even if it was unknowingly from afar.

Coming back to Indiana has put me in a position to really think about what the hell has happened in the past year, the past three years, even. On one side of my childhood bedroom, sits my Ibanez bass guitar that I purchased with Christmas money when I was twelve. Mirroring it is a stack of 10 boxes of vinyl records that I put out for Mouth’s Cradle. Scattered about my room are copies of the high school newspaper I was editor of as well as copies of the music zine I started a little over a year ago. There are stacks of CDs, records, books by Leslie Simon and Chuck Klosterman and Rob Sheffield and Nick Hornby. There are cassette tapes in a corner, some of them I put out on MR. This room is a museum of music that has influenced me, both past and present.

One day I want to write a book about the people who’ve inspired me. Not just Mac and Laura, but Lizzy, Ricky, Ray, Garrett, Will, Harry, Ian, Liam, Kyle, Ben, Dan, Kevin, Brandon, Dean, Tom, Max, Karen, Sam, Max, several amazing Max’s, Sarah, Andrew, Corey, Tori, Vicky P, Liz, Meagan, Joshua, Chase, Sam, Spike, Matt, Marina, Katie, Kyra, David, Emma, Tom, Ian, Kenzie, Vance, Adam, Jordan, Eric, Mrs. Dr. Miscreant, my dad – oh, my dad, and all of the people who’ve submitted to and/or read the Miscreant and were involved in the music of Miscreant Records. I know it’s only been a year and I know it sounds naive, but I’m really ready to keep doing this. When people ask me what I’m doing when I graduate college in a year, all I want to say is “be a miscreant.”

Here’s to living in the past and the future at the same time.