The Miscreant is a fanzine for anyone. It is for lovers of Zelda Fitzgerald, the Gerbils, and everyone in between. The zine is totally contribution based, and features a band on every cover. Jeanette puts together the issues, and interviews the featured band. Lizzy illustrates the interview. The Miscreant is ALWAYS in need of submissions. Please send you music-related writing (reviews, features, interviews, concert photos, etc) to Also, email for an ad sheet and advertise your event or business in the Miscreant! Student discount is available. Become a fan on Facebook and keep updated on upcoming issues and featured artists!

Latest Issue:


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Issue 55 (featuring Total Slacker)
Issue 54 (featuring Father/Daughter Records)
Issue 53 (featuring The Chris Gethard Show)
Issue 52 (featuring Moon Bounce)
Issue 51 (featuring Ava Luna)
Issue 50 (featuring Swearin’)
Issue 49 (featuring Frankie Cosmos)
Issue 48 (featuring Mutual Benefit)
Issue 47 (featuring Radiator Hospital)
Issue 46 (featuring Eugene Mirman)
Issue 45 (featuring Rubblebucket)
Issue 44 (featuring Cayucas)
Issue 43 (featuring ON AN ON)
Issue 42 (featuring Julia Brown)
Issue 41 (featuring Jeffrey Lewis)
Issue 40 (featuring Brazos)
Issue 39 (featuring Breakfast In Fun)
Issue 38 (featuring Ra Ra Riot)
Issue 37 (featuring LVL UP)
Issue 36 (featuring SLUTEVER)
Issue 35 (featuring The Coathangers)
Issue 34 (featuring Magic Wands)
Issue 33 (featuring Whatever, Dad)
Issue 32 (featuring Veronica Falls)
Issue 31 (featuring Bad Cello)
Issue 30 (featuring Stereocure)
Issue 29 (featuring Now Now)
Issue 28 (featuring Magic Milk)
Issue 27 (featuring Dumb Talk)
Issue 26 (featuring EAR CANDY)
Issue 25 (featuring Madeline Ava)
Issue 24 (featuring Max + The Moon)
Issue 23 (featuring Swear And Shake)
Issue 22 (featuring QUARTERBACKS)
Issue 21 (featuring Pearl And The Beard))
Issue 20 (featuring Mouth’s Cradle)
Issue 19 *SXSW ISSUE*
Issue 18 (featuring SSWAMPZZ) *PRINT ISSUE*
Issue 17 (featuring Good Neighbors)
Issue 16 (featuring Sarah Aument)
Issue 15 (featuring Market East)
Issue 14 (featuring The Careful Ones)
Issue 13 (featuring Dumb Talk)
Issue 12 (featuring The Vanderbuilts)
Issue 11 (featuring Friend Killers)
Issue 10 (featuring The Bird Calls)
Issue 8 (featuring Sir Jove)
Issue 7 (featuring The New Rochelles)
Issue 6
Issue 5
Issue 4
Issue 3
Issue 2
Issue 1

Special Editions:

Pitchfork 2011


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