springtime miscreant

Weirdos! I’m so excited that Spring is nearly upon us. New York is still snowy and cloudy and cold. But with the seasons, comes more miscreant goodness. For starters, Father / Daughter Records and Miscreant have the first (of many!) co-release coming from both our labels with Soft Cat’s new record. Neil is actually coming to NYC next week and we’re going to assemble the tape and beautiful lyric sheets he made. You can pre-order the tape HERE.

More good stuff from O-Face and PWR BTTM is a-coming along, as the bands are in and out of the studio. Bad Cello is at work on his new record. I just went over to Becca’s apartment the other night to hear new Bethlehem Steel tracks. There is a Comfy EP coming, as well as new stuff from new projects. And Nicholas Nicholas has just set off on tour! All very exciting.  The miscreants are hard at work, as per usual.

Keep updated here and on the Miscreant Facebook page. Listen to a song from Soft Cat’s All Energy Will Rise below.