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Issue By Issue

This time last year, Lizzy and I put out issue 3 of the Miscreant. On one of my days off, I watched all of Party Down — I blame this largely on the unreliability of the G train. Either way, because of this new-found obsession, I decided to have Lizzy put Henry Pollard on the cover of the issue. This was still at the time when she and I would dawn the covers in random images, usually having to do with some pop culture trivia that one of us had recently taken to. Now, we have featured bands that grace the cover. This issue, we were even lucky enough to feature Swear and Shake! It’s formatting changes like these that I like to think represent the growth and maturation of the Miscreant zine. It was one of the first steps we took to really locking into where we were headed, and it makes me extremely excited to think where we’ll be next year!

As we get closer and closer to the Fall, I am inclined to think more about ways the zine can improve and grow. For the time that I am in London, I plan for Karen and I to really cultivate our Across The Pond section. This addition to the Miscreant is something that never could have come to be if Karen and I hadn’t met that fateful July night last year. And feel so blessed to have her spreading word about the Miscreant on her side of the Atlantic. I’m very ready to see what miscreants I meet in England! I’m hoping to find more people to submit from around the world, and create a global community of people who can promote bands they love, discuss changes in the music industry, and submit articles about what’s new and exciting in their respective scenes.

That’s what the Miscreant is all about, after all. It’s about having an open forum to talk about music you care about, and what about that music affects you. In issue 23, I submitted a piece of my own. I talked about the song “Old & Gray,” a track from the most recent Maps & Atlases album that really stuck with me. When people have asked me what they should submit, or when my friends tell me they don’t know what to contribute to the zine, I just tell them to write about what they love about a certain band. When I sat down to write that piece, I was really just out to talk about similarities between Dave Davison’s and Ben Gibbard’s writing styles. Ultimately, though, I unintentionally wrote a piece about something I find important in relationships. And I thought that was pretty cool.

So, I urge you to submit your work to themiscreant@miscreantrecords.com, or to submit to the Across The Pond section at themiscreantuk@miscreantrecords.com! Also, email me with any questions. I’d love to hear from you. And always feel free to post on the Miscreant Facebook about upcoming events, album releases, and the like that your fellow miscreant should know about! Cannot wait to see what comes my way for next issue!