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The Year of the Miscreant

I was just revisiting some of the first covers of the Miscreant fanzine. So much has changed since Lizzy and I first started putting together the idea. We now have regularly featured content, including exclusive interviews with bands who grace each cover. This actually started with Issue 7, the first featured band being our friends the New Rochelles. Also, most of the content inside the Miscreant is now music-related. Karen has also joined the team and contributed to the “Across the Pond” section, which focuses on the musical goings on in London. And then, of course, there is the development of the associated record label. It’s truly been an amazing year.

But as much as things have changed, there are still a few things that remain the same. I’m still always searching for people to submit their work to the Miscreant. I’m not looking for people who necessarily love writing, but I’m looking for people who have something to say about music and art. And I want these voices to be diverse and positive. Without fail, everything that has been submitted to the twenty one issues has had something important to say. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by so many creative people; with every email to the Miscreant account, I am consistently reminded of this.

So, like I say in my editor’s note of every issue- submit, submit, submit! I am looking for album reviews, artist interviews, concert photos, narratives, and everything in between. If you have a unique idea for an essay or column, please submit it. No matter what evolutions the Miscreant experiences, I want it to remain a safe place for anyone (and I mean anyone) to speak their mind in whatever way they want. Feel free to message me with any questions or suggestions; and submit at any time, as Lizzy and I are always cooking up an issue. We’ve managed to release issues on a two to three week basis in recent months, and hope to keep this momentum up. To do this, we need your submissions!

I also encourage you all to check out our past issues. Between Lizzy’s brilliant covers and the panoply of wonderful work submitted, our back issues have a lot to offer. It can also be a great way to come up with ideas for your own submission!

So, submit, my fellow my misfits. Join the Miscreant army!